The Idea

We’d like to say hi to everyone in Plymouth and surrounding communities! Everyone, that is, who loves good food. We’re The Market. And we want to change the way you shop — for the better, quicker, healthier and happier. With fresh, locally grown foods in season, expert help and our everyday value pricing on the everyday conventional groceries you need . . . every day.

Our name says it all: simple, direct, not too fancy — full of good things waiting to be discovered. In fact, we want to make shopping an experience you actually enjoy.

It begins with healthy, high-quality food: like locally grown, seasonal produce. Freshly baked artisan breads. A delectable deli. Certified Angus Beef® and naturally raised chicken. And fish right off the boat. Fresh is best.

We have been named The South Shore's first Healthy Market! Be on the lookout for the Healthy Market Options symbol! You’ll find it on some of your favorite entrees prepared by Chef Dane, and on shelf tags throughout the grocery aisles. Foods need to earn this symbol and when you see it – the healthy choice will be the easy choice!

We also offer a constantly changing array of specialty items created in our own kitchen by our own chef and team — in case you’re too busy or tired to cook. Just heat and serve.

Plus, we have experienced people who know their stuff and are ready to help you- whether it’s catering a party of fifty or just carrying your bags to your car. You can gas up your car at Levis & Sons Gulf out front, pick up a bouquet by flowers just next to our bakery and step through the doorway to Long Ridge Wine & Spirits next door for some wine.  We’ve even selected great music for you to shop by.

People of The Market - very shopping trip you make to The Market will be an experience in personal service and high-quality “real” food. That, of course, takes an enthusiastic staff of knowledgeable people who are passionate about what they do. When you walk through the doors of The Market, you’ll be in great hands.