Support Our Seniors!

Tuesday February 13, 2018, 1-5

Support Our Seniors
We will be accepting donations here at The Market, 6 Purchase Street, Plymouth
on Tuesday, February 13th from 1-5 pm
This is the time of year that your kind donations are needed the most!
Meals on Wheels in Plymouth, MA now delivers to approximately 130 seniors at home who are unable to purchase or prepare their own meals. This is done Mondays through Fridays on a weekly basis.
Please consider the following items as possible donations to this important fundraiser:
□ Canned fruit packed in its own juice
□ Cereal / Pasta -100% whole grain
□ Juice – 100% fruit juice
□ Peanut butter / Jelly
□ Dry Spices, Herbs (Mrs. Dash), Olive/Canola Oil
□ ”Lower” sugar instant oatmeal, cream of wheat
□ Canned beans –baked, kidney, navy, chick peas – no added salt or low sodium
□ Tomato sauce, marinara sauce
□ Canned meats and fish-tuna, chicken, ham – no added salt or low sodium
□ Canned vegetables – no salt added or low sodium
□ Canned soups– no salt added / broth – no added salt or low sodium
□ Condiments – mayonnaise, mustard, dressing
□ Crackers, whole grain; no salt added
□ Snacks – pudding, nuts (unsalted/lightly salted), trail mix
□ Canned milk; boxed milk not needing refrigeration
□ Microwavable meals – not refrigerated. Look for lowest sodium content
□ Non food items such as toilet paper, diapers, bath soap, hand soap, paper towels, napkins, toothpaste, laundry detergent, sanitary wipes, Depends, toothbrush
□ Pet products – Kitty Litter and cat or dog treats for our Pets Eat, Too cupboard
□ Large-print books, puzzle and games

***If you can’t make it the day of the event, The Market is accepting donations now at the front desk.
***Monetary donations can be made payable to the Old Colony Elder Services.

Thank you for supporting Meals on Wheels in Plymouth MA

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