Book Signing with Dan Rapoza

Tuesday March 10, 2020, 11:00am-2:00pm

Dan Repoza, Author of "Plymouth Then & Now" Special Edition for the Plymouth 400... will be here Tuesday, March 10th, 11:00am-2:00pm for a book signing. We have plenty of copies here at The Market available for purchase!

"The Town of Plymouth has been a cornerstone of the American Dream since the time of the Pilgrims. These brave souls crossed the largely uncharted Atlantic to find freedom and opportunity in a new land. It was a journey which cost lives and led them to the tip of Cape Cod... and onward to the sheltered harbors of Plymouth, Massachusetts.

To this day, Plymouth holds fast to its foundations, celebrating the history and architecture that defined a simple, seaside town as the founding chapter in a story known as the United States of America. While some of the town has changed from the demands of modern innovation and Mother Nature, much is still preserved from centuries ago.

In his book, Plymouth Then & Now, native son & photographer, Dan Rapoza, captures the yesteryears of his beloved Plymouth, comparing the past to the present through the lens of his camera. In more than 100 pages, original photos of Plymouth are matched to their modern counterparts, revealing a beautiful, indelible history of America's original Hometown."

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